Student Parking

Student Parking Passes
Green Run Campus Juniors and Seniors who wish to park a vehicle on school grounds during school hours must complete an application, have it approved by the school administration, and purchase a current parking sticker. The student must present a valid driver’s license and vehicle registration when purchasing the sticker. Applications and the fee of $45 are due at the time of purchase.

2021-2022 Parking Decal Sales
Before school or during lunch in the SAC workroom

ATC/VoTech Students
ATC/VoTech students need to purchase a decal at Green Run and their other site. Green Run decals will be sold for $35 will proof of a decal from ATC/VoTech. Please buy your ATC/VoTech decal first.

Parking decals will be on checked starting on September 16th and continue through the end of the school year. Failure to display a current parking sticker or violation of any of the above rules will result in one of the following actions:
a. 1st Violation- Warning ticket/sticker
b. 2nd Violation- Warning ticket/sticker
c. 3rd Violation- Booting or Towing/fine
NOTE: Any car towed from the GRHS parking lot is subject to the rules, fines, and regulations of the company that is contracted to tow the car. GRHS does not assume any responsibility for the car once it has been towed.

Any questions can be directed to Shani Twyman, Student Activities Coordinator,