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Once in Schoology, click the Resource tab (on the left side of the screen). There you will find: 

* Grade Level Specific Information

* Graduation Requirements

* Forms

* College Resources

* Career Resources

* Military Resources

*Mental Health Resources

*And More

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Senior Parent College Information FAQ

  1. If the SAT was already taken is the ACT needed?

    Students may choose to take either the SAT, the ACT or both. Some students find that they do better on one test than the other and would prefer to take retake that test to try to increase their score as much as possible. If a student has earned a score that they are happy with there is no need to retest or take the other exam. It really comes down to student preference to determine which test they take.

  2. What is the difference between Early Action and Early Decision?

    Early Action is none binding but allows a student to receive an admission decision earlier than they necessarily would otherwise. Early Decision is binding. If a student applies under Early Decision and is accepted, the student is required to attend that college/university

  3. Should I apply for Early Action or Early Decision?

    Only apply for Early Decision if you are absolutely certain that is your top choice college and there are no factors (finances, distance or otherwise) that would prevent you from attending. ED is binding so please ensure you are positive about your decision before completing this type of application. Legally, you are only allowed to do one ED application. You can apply Early Action if you would like a decision sooner than you may have otherwise gotten it. EA is not binding.